January Has A Bonus Monday To Work On Goals

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Happiness ProjectDid you know that January has five Mondays in it? At least it does this year. That means we get five tasks to Boost Energy in our Even Happier Quest! I can use all the help I can get for more energy so I’ll gladly take it. I’ve really been good this month about adding each task in and not just going through the motions.

  1. Sleep Better – I sleep better about half the time now. I need to stop my brain in the middle of the night if i wake up.
  2. Do One Fun Thing (a week) – See below on this one.
  3. Take Vitamins – I take them daily but that CoQ10 theory seems to be a bunch of hooey. 😉
  4. Think Positively – I’ve been better with this lately but could still use some work. I need to find a way to remind myself.
  5. ???

I really knocked it out of the park with the Do One Fun Thing idea. This has been the best task the entire month for me. How about you? I didn’t realize how much of a difference a little bit of fun makes in every day life. Friday I surprised The Kid with manicures after school. She got silver glitter and I went with hot pink. I never get a color so this was chosen just for the new me. 🙂

ManicuresThe last task I came up with is similar to one in The Happiness Project book but with my own spin on it – Git Er Done. I have a bad habit that turns into a time suck. I move stuff from one place to another instead of just dealing with it. I come in the door and put my coat over a chair, then later I put the coat in the closet. I find something to clip from a magazine and put it up to clip later. I write something on a To Do sticky, then combine the sticky lists into a big list, then eventually do the To Do.

No more because Imma gonna Git Er Done. OK, that grammar is a tad extreme. I’m implementing a new rule for me. If it takes longer to avoid doing it, I am just going to do it. I’m coming in and putting my coat where it belongs. I’m going to just clip the article and recycle the magazine right then. If it’s longer to write the To Do, I’m going to just do it. If it takes less than 60 seconds to do, I’m going to do it right then.

I’m adding up in my head and can visualize all the free time I can have with new found efficiency. I bet I do this even more than I realize too. Wonder how hard this habit is going to be to break but it’s going. I need to figure out a reminder somehow. LIke that old string on your finger trick. Not sure what’s going to help remind me other than my own brain.

I haven’t peeked ahead in the book yet, so February’s mission is still a mystery. I love surprises!

Do you find yourself moving stuff around instead of dealing with it at the time? What was your best task to boost energy this month?

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