Know What I Mean, Jelly Bean?

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LatteThis afternoon I left work early since the day was gorgeous and most people were using the “Good Friday” excuse to leave. I figured why should I be the only one who sucks it up and stays. The Kid and I hung out for part of the time at the Starbucks. The one near us has an outdoor patio and it’s fun to people watch.

I love seeing the huge variety of people and rarely are we disappointed in that one that just makes you laugh and shake your head. We are pretty run of the mill with our coffee selection. I’ve been getting the Misto which is basically coffee with steamed milk. The non-fat version gets me a treat for 70 calories.

The Kid gets a Vanilla Latte made with soy so we’re pretty boring. No fancy coffee names to shout out to the barista. Yawn. After we left the Sbux, we went across the street to grab makings for Easter Dinner. They’ve got a creative coffee shop there that made me wish we’d gone there first. A huge sign announced buy one, get one free Jelly Bean Lattes!

I just had to go over to the counter to ask what was in one. It’s a white chocolate strawberry latte. OMG. If you recall, White Chocolate Mochas were my drug of choice back in the day. The Jelly Bean Latte sounds heavenly, and only here for a short time I was told urgently by the guy. I don’t even really like jelly beans themselves, but this latte sounds yummy. I must figure out a way to make one without all the high sugar goo.

What is the most creative coffee drink you’ve tried or heard of? I need ideas to dream about.

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