It’s The Last Dance, Last Chance Tonight!

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I need you. By me. Beside me. To guide me… Remember that Donna Summer song? It’s one of my faves to bust a move to. I’ve even been known to stand on a chair in my kitchen with a spatula microphone if it suddenly comes on and belt that sucker out. Now that you’re thanking your lucky stars that you don’t actually have to live with me, let’s have some fun.

There’s a questionnaire making the blog rounds called the The Last Chance Survey. I love these kinds of things so here you go.

Last food you ate…
I ate two slices of a Thai curry pizza called Thai Dye. It was out of this world good! The Kid and I went out for Friday Night Dinner and we hit up a new restaurant called Mellow Mushroom. I was all excited since they are a pizza place but because they are all trippy hippie, they can do completely vegan pizzas!!!! The whole thing was planned as a surprise to The (dairy allergic) Kid with me feeling like a kid before Christmas on the drive there. She’s never had pizza with cheese on it. We got there… and she ordered a hoagie… without cheese of the vegan persuasion or otherwise. I couldn’t pay her to order a pizza. Boo on teenagers. šŸ˜‰

Last beverage you drank…
It’s early morning still here, so I have a nearly full liter of water and have taken a few sips. Next to it sits my empty coffee mug waiting for a second cup. So yes, one cup of coffee.

Last workout…
Fridays are rest days for me so my last workout was Thursday with a back workout. I must have done it right since my back muscles are still feeling it. I included a new spin on an exercise I’ve done before – bodyweight rows. I did sets of 10 reps as usual, but each rep had a 5 second hold at the top. I’m working on my upper back to straighten up my computer shoulders. Do you have those?

Last thing you pinned…
This gorgeous tattoo. I love the placement of it and what it says. “Don’t let the past steal your present.” Remember this and follow it.


Last text message you sent…
I was in a late work meeting yesterday (on a Friday, pah!) and a co-worker wished me as he was leaving. I guess we both like sending excited texts punctuated with exclamation points. I love the people I work with.



Last blog you visited… because she had a photo tutorial. Yes, I obviously am still needing photo help since it looks like a 2 year old takes my pictures. BUT one skill at a time, right? I can cook, I can write, I can paint. Next up photography. I’m taking a digital photography class in a couple weeks too!

Last tweet you sent…
OK, apparently I’m running behind on Tweets since this one is from yesterday evening. It’s a great article if you are having trouble figuring out what to do in the weight room.


Last place you visited…
The Kid and I went to Austin for a mini vacation in June. That’s the last trip-like place we’ve visited. I’m still dying to go back. We need to plan another trip!

Last time you did ab work…
I don’t work abs often since I now really REALLY focus on sucking them in contracting them during exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. If you don’t do this, DO IT! You must. Like I said, my last workout was Thursday and I can still feel my abs today from holding them in during lat pulldowns. Before that my last ab work was the challenge for abs that I did last Friday. Did you catch that one on Facebook and Twitter?

Last show you watched…
The Kid and I are addicted to Modern Family. We didn’t watch it until just recently and are in the process of catching up on DVD. We’re still back on Season 1 so we’ve got a ways to go. It’s hilarious!

Last thing you baked…
Dark Chocolate Baked Donuts. I don’t bake often because I’ll eat the goodies up faster than you can say “Hey, where are the …?” I love to bake though, even more than cooking. These donuts were awesome with coffee.

Last thing you instagrammed…
I trend towards motivating myself even on Instagram. If everywhere I look is motivating me, there are no excuses. šŸ˜‰



Last item on your to-do list today…
Work on My Art Journal. I started it last weekend and am so thrilled with how it’s coming along. This is a new passion for black/white, just give me numbers and stats me. I am seriously working on exercising the other side of my analytical brain.  I’ve been working on it before bed a little each night to relax me and also to give it time to dry without me watching it like a pot of water waiting to boil. Patience is not a strong point of mine.

So those are my last chance answers. Want to play along? I’d love to hear some of your answers. Pull up a chair and tell me. Or roll over and post to my wall on Facebook so we can all read. Or drop me a Tweet since I’m painfully out of date on Twitter.

On a serious note, I love these questionnaires since they make me look at things in life that would usually pass me by pretty much unnoticed. This really is the real me in these answers and I absolutely love my life. šŸ™‚


  1. Thai curry pizza? I know you’re teenager didn’t want to order a pizza, but I don’t think I’d be bold enough to try this either!

    Love that tattoo! I’ll have to look for you on Pinterest.

    • I’m pretty daring with my food flavor and combination-wise. I love pizza and curry so I figured eating them together would be delish! The tattoo is beautiful. I have something like that in mind for my next. Thanks for stopping by!

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