Like The Dog Whisperer Says – Live In The Moment

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Happiness ProjectWelcome to another March Monday! I realized this morning while watching the news that I hadn’t turned the TV on in over a week! I’ve missed quite a bit of happenings apparently. Back into the swing of things now, and I have to go back to work today after a great Spring Break, but such is life. πŸ™‚

Another Monday means another task on the Even Happier Quest to Aim Higher. Last week’s task went really well. I paid my lawn guys to clean out my front and back garden beds, mulch and plant some pretty flowers for Spring. It took the two guys about two hours to do. It would have taken me at least a day. Well worth the money in my opinion and it looks beautiful!

For this week there is the interesting challenge to Live In The Moment. Many times we are in the process of working towards a goal. We envision how great it will be to reach it. Life will be wonderful if only we were at Goal X. We put all this anticipation and expectations in place, then we reach the goal and nothing really changes. It’s often anti-climactic.

Competitors experience this post contest many times, but it applies to just about any situation. We anticipate getting there so much and focus on how we will feel then that we are already adjusted to it. Once we get there, it’s not a big deal in many cases. There’s no big moment! Wah wah wahhhhh! That doesn’t foster happiness but it may cause a let down feeling.

The Kid also has the looking ahead “issue” when we are doing something fun. She’ll look at me and ask what we’re doing next. I remind her to just enjoy now instead of worrying about what’s coming. That’s the challenge for the rest of March while Aiming Higher. Reach for the goal but focus on the journey getting there, not on the destination.

The journey is where most of the accomplishments are made. Don’t miss out by focusing on the end. Live in the moment and enjoy each step as it happens. And remember to smile at each little accomplishment on the way! πŸ™‚

Do you live in the moment? I struggle with this quite often.

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