Listen To The Warning Signs

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sleep-like-a-babyThe teachers at school apparently felt the holiday season wasn’t busy enough with the normal level of activity. They have all kinds of evening practices and activities scheduled almost daily for the next two weeks. It’s giving me a good chance to work on juggling my schedule around and squeezing in workouts and meals here and there. Planning ahead as much as possible is key to getting it done.

I schedule my workouts officially on the calendar and block off the time. Sometimes I’m faced with a meeting or practice that I didn’t expect, but having things scheduled makes it easier to adjust if I have to. I always carry meals with me so that I’m not caught unprepared there either. I did slip up one evening this week and realized I was starving while I was walking the dog. Thankfully I came home to a fridge with sliced veggies to munch on while I heated dinner. Otherwise it would have been ugly. ūüėČ

With all the things we have going on, sometimes our body tries to tells us something. The signs may be subtle at first but they can get louder if you choose to ignore them. One of the best things you can do is listen to your body early in the process.¬†Yesterday I sat down on the sofa around 7:30 and promptly fell asleep. Not just a doze, but a solid state of unconsciousness.¬†Right there in front of the¬†TV on a Friday night. Wow, I’m a barrel of¬†fun.

I woke up briefly around 10 and stayed awake just long enough to ponder eating dinner. I decided I would rather just go to bed instead of eat. Since I’m usually one of the first in the chow line, that’s when I realized I’d better listen to what my body was saying. ¬†I drug myself off to bed and slept solid until 7:30 this morning. I’m feeling much more perky and back to my old self today. I chose to swap a heavy leg workout for an easier chest workout just in case.

Take a some time each day to listen to your body. Are you tired? Let something go and rest. Stressed? Relax for 15 minutes. Things can wait. Hungry? Eat something healthy to give you energy.¬†It’s hard¬†sometimes but it’s important to¬†look out for yourself so you can be there for others.¬†If you don’t listen, your body will have no choice but to speak louder. Mistakes get made, accidents happen, and even our health can start to suffer. Take care of yourself since you only get one you.

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