A Reminder To Show More Love And Live Life To The Fullest

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I-love-you-textToday is my usual day for tackling something in my year long Happiness Project. December is the month where I’m going back and focusing on the happiness tasks that really stood out for me. February began as an interesting month with the idea to Remember Love. At first, I assumed that it wouldn’t apply to me since I don’t have a partner in my life nor am I dating anyone. After giving it some thought I realized that I have plenty of love in my life regardless of relationship status.

Given the sad (clear understatement) events that happened here in the US last week, I’ve been pondering a lot of things that probably would just go on by me. I’ve decided to focus this week on showing more love. I picked The Kid up from school Friday as usual but instead of going to dinner then coming home to watch TV, we sat and talked and laughed for most of the evening. She’s getting ready for finals this week and thankfully she had so much homework to review that we didn’t go anywhere all weekend. I got to spend some time with her at home which his very unusual.

She was on my mind for most of the day today. I was really glad that she is old enough to have a cell phone now. I get to text her whenever I’m thinking of her. I texted today just to tell her I loved her. I envisioned her being embarrassed in front of her friends to get an I love you text from Mom, but the thought still made me smile. I know deep down she’ll remember the little things like that and be grateful someday… even if that day isn’t today.

Life is short and fleeting, and we need to make the most of it while it’s here. Love like there is no tomorrow. Hold those dear close in a big hug and always tell them how you feel. Appreciate what you have and live life to the fullest. Dream big and of course, show love every chance you get.

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