Mamma Mia! I Sure Have A Lot of Stuff In My Brain

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I think not getting a winter in Texas has a surprise benefit. Some would say the lack of ice and snow, but not me. This year was the earliest I’ve been able to get in the pool yet. Usually it’s too cold for me to even consider until mid-June. This year I was splashing around mid-May!

Summer is a teeny bit slower for me since Helping With Homework is off my list of things. I’ve been giving some thought on fun stuff I’d like to accomplish with the extra time. I realized in this process that I have a ton of stuff in my brain on saving time, saving money, saving effort and so on.

I’m constantly juggling all my mom duties, work obligations, personal wants with things like bills and dinner making. I figure even though situations are different, we’re all short on time and who couldn’t use a bit more time and money to go around. I’ve got a lot of things planned coming up for the blog to share with you guys.

Week in ReviewThings like tips to save money, fast meal prep, hard workouts when you’re short on time, and more. It’s going to be a fun summer. Come along on the ride!

In case you missed this amazing week, here’s what happened:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. The Kid and I are off to see Mamma Mia The Musical this afternoon!

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