Mid-Week Rituals Make Thursday Special

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Diet Cherry LimeadeHow are things in your neck of the woods? They are dropping like flies here with the latest round of illness. People at work have it. Kids at school have it. People on twitter have it. I’m using hand sanitizer like crazy. Hopefully it works even if it is just a mental thing. I’ve been able to avoid all rounds of it so far, knock wood.

My leg workout was a killer on Tuesday and I can still barely bend over if I drop something. Of course, this is the week that I can’t seem to hold onto anything which is not a good combination. After the ladders I did for arms, chest and back, my entire body feels hit by a truck.

In bodybuilding terms, that’s a good thing. I managed to eek out some kick boxing and sprints despite the pain. I found that it hurts when I first start out and then loosens up. The DOMS returns again after a few hours but it’s not bad the entire workout. Phew!

The Kid and I have a Thursday night ritual. We get all of our homework, workouts, dog walking, and dinner out of the way. Afterwards we relax and watch The Big Bang Theory and then treat ourselves to Sonic. I get a diet cherry limeade and she gets a cherry coke and fries. My limeade is listed at 18 calories so it’s a nice low calorie splurge. It makes me smile.

Sonic has weird tasting fries in my opinion and I’m a fry expert. There’s just something strange tasting about them. It’s not old oil and I can’t put my finger on it. Their tots are the same. Makes me glad to go there since I’m not tempted to order my own fries. McDonalds and Wendys fries are dangerous for me. If you have a Sonic near you and haven’t tried one, go soon. Despite the fry issue.

It’s nice to have a relaxing ritual mid-week to look forward to. That way there’s something special that you can count on besides just Friday. It’s kinda like a Friday moment pre-Friday. The Kid also wanted me to tell you that is her behind the limeade in the picture. (As if you couldn’t guess that.) She was trying to get in the shot but there wasn’t room to spare. I still need to work on my photo skills.

Do you have a mid-week ritual that you do? Something small but fun? TGIF. I’m really looking forward to the weekend at last as you can probably tell from the random thoughts sprinkled in this post. 🙂

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