Mission Accomplished: School Supplies Purchased

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Week in ReviewThere are only a few weeks left until school starts! I feel like we just made it to June and here we are already in August. I managed to complete school supply shopping this week. The world’s most expensive calculator was the last thing on the list and I bit the bullet made the purchase on Friday. I got a used one from Amazon since the new version was over ONE.HUNDRED dollars! Back in my day, we had to calculate with pencils and our brains.

Hopefully this thing actually gets used. If you have kids in school, do you notice this problem? Every year we get a school supply list and I make sure to get everything that’s on it. Every year at the end of school, half the stuff is returned since it was never used. I have a lifetime supply of notebook paper, No 2 pencils, highlighters, black pens, and index cards.

I highly recommend doing inventory of what you have on hand already before just purchasing supplies. We had lots of things on the list already and only purchased the missing pieces. I just wonder why they put things on the list and never use them at all. I don’t recall a single index card being needed last year, yet we had to buy several packs. I don’t mind buying supplies at all, I would just feel better if someone was benefitting from them. Somehow we will use this calculator!

In case you missed any of the excitement here:

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