A Hump Day Experiment

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Today thankfully marks the halfway point in this crazy week. Work has been absolutely wild as those who work with me can attest. This weekend threatens to be a repeat of last despite the holiday weekend. Through it all, I do love my job and couldn’t ask for a better group to work with. We all put up with each others’ quirks and insanities for the most part and no one was tasered anyone yet. At least not to public knowledge.

Today I tried an experiment since I was asked a question about Shakeology by someone who is thinking about joining in on the challenge. How do you like it just mixed with water and shaken in a shaker? Hmmm, I’ve never tried it that way and yes, I do realize that’s what the directions say you can do. I’ve always mixed it with varying amounts of milk or water and ice. Sometimes I throw in a banana, and plan to try berries and other ingredients. The magic bullet is my friend and whips the shake into a frozen frenzy in seconds. Tonight I decided to find out an answer to the question so that I can be better informed.

It was thicker than I imagined it would be, and definitely tasted better than the other protein type shakes I’ve tried. No gritty aftertaste that usually happens with other whey and sucralose shakes. There was no comparison though in my mind to my usual version. I definitely would go the shaker route if I run out of time in the morning or if I’m out without access to electricity and the bullet. I also shook it without ice. I think ice would have been a good addition but my laziness got in the way. Tomorrow the UPS tracking system tells me that my green berry should arrive, so I plan to give that a whirl and post a few new recipes

Tonight is also a landmark night. It is officially Goal Night! Imagine me with my soccer announcer voice shouting gooooooooal! I’ve said before you can’t get there if you don’t know where there is. So I decided five is a nice round, odd number. One more than the number of letters in goal. Kind of like your birthday candles, plus one to grow on. So here they are in no particular order. I just want to meet all five goals. I don’t care which happen first.

  1. I would like to weigh 135 lbs. I’m in the ballpark now, just a few rows back.
  2. I want to be at 22% body fat. Eventually lower, but I’ll treat this like horseshoes and hand grenades for a bit.
  3. I want to complete an entire round of Turbo Fire without missing a day. No excuses of being tired. Butt, you will get moving so get yourself together now.
  4. I want get 100 fans to follow me on my fan page and motivate them the way others have motivated me… plus I want to become an Emerald Coach (secret, bonus goal slipped in).
  5. I want to do a single pull up. No jumping to start off, no help of any kind, all on my own.

When you set your own goals, make some easier than others. If you make all your goals too easy, you won’t be challenging yourself. If they are all too hard, you’ll give up before you manage to complete them. Once you knock out one or two easier ones, you’ll be so motivated to move down the list. Do make sure to throw in one seemingly out of reach one for good measure (see #5 above). It will take a ton of work, but I’m grinning at the thought of the moment I actually do it! I plan to throw open my front door and shout it to everyone. Prepare yourself now.


  1. Great blog! I love the part about goal setting. I think that is one of the keys that most people leave out. Then they flounder and have a hard time getting anywhere.

    How would you know when you arrive at your destination, when you don't know where that is?


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