It’s All About Mind Control

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Cat In SnowI saw this pic on a friend’s Facebook wall yesterday. She didn’t quote a source so unfortunately I can’t either. If you happen to know where it came from, let me know and I’ll be sure source it and give credit due.

It got me thinking though about my missing mojo. Attitude is all in your head – mind control! If I’m down and my heart isn’t in it, I end up burning less calories while feeling like I’m putting a huge effort in. It just seems so much harder!

Since I tend to use the same cardio machine at the same settings (creature of habit), I know the effort is the same and should produce the same results. If I’m skipping around sprinkling rose petals in a great mood, the exact opposite is true. My heart rate is up and calorie burn is through the roof.

Lesson learned here is that it really is mind over matter. Your outlook and attitude really determines a lot about your day, your workout, and all kinds of things you may not realize.

Most times when I start a workout in a bad mood, it quickly improves. This is a nice benefit of those workout endorphins. Sometimes though it just doesn’t work that way since the grouchiness is deeply embedded.

I seem to go through this every few weeks and I’m making it a goal of mine to work on it. Be like ninja cat. He controls the snow. Control your attitude! Mind over matter.

Have you noticed this when you workout in a bad mood?

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