Belief Usually Starts With A Leap

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I think some of the biggest challenges we face are mental struggles as opposed to actual physical limitations. Self doubt and what ifs get in the way of working towards a goal. When we’re kids, we have no fear. We don’t really stop to think about bad things that may happen. We just leap and whatever happens happens. With a few broken bone exceptions, it works out. 😉

Trampoline ParkThe other week The Kid and I visited a trampoline park. I’m not sure if they have one of these near you but it’s basically a huge warehouse with wall to wall trampolines. See the wonderful blurry pic to the right for an example. They do fitness classes as well as open jumps. Different stations are set up where you can jump from trampoline to trampoline in rapid succession. You can leap off one onto another on a wall and bounce back.

There was another station where you jumped across a series of three trampolines and leaped off an edge into a massive pit of foam blocks below. All the kids were boing-ing their way across and leaping into the pit with fits of giggles. The Kid asked me to do it with her and I reluctantly agreed.

I sprinted easily across the trampolines with the grace that I’m known for (don’t miss the sarcasm and virtual eye rolling here). I got to the edge to make the leap and screeched to a halt. I just couldn’t do it. I even tried to just jump from my stopped position and couldn’t. As I turned around, I caught the eye of another mom and she asked “What’s wrong with us? I couldn’t do it either.”

We all question ourselves. Can I really do it? What happens if I make the leap? Will it work? Will I break a hip on the way down? Sometimes we just need to jump and see what happens. Obviously the consequences of your leap should be weighed so you know the possible outcomes. Make sure there really are foam blocks waiting for you. 😉

Here are some other tips:

  • Silence that inner voice that’s telling you that you can’t do it. If you keep listening, you may never find out that you really can.
  • Turn your weakness into a strength. Get creative and use your fear to your advantage. Maybe you can’t run faster than anyone else but you might be able to leap higher with style.
  • Tap into your strengths. Figure out what makes you YOU. Make a list of things that make you stand out from others. Yes, write it down on paper or make a note in your phone if you have to. Focus on those super powers instead of what you can’t do.
  • Visualize yourself doing it and imagine how it will feel. They say seeing is believing. If you visualize it, you’ll start to believe in yourself.

Most of all believe in you because most times you are your only limit. In case you’re wondering, on the third try I managed to leap off the edge into the foam pit. After I drug myself up the ladder and back out, The Kid and I giggled and cheered like I’d won an award.

What leap are you going to attempt?

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