More Progress And Consistent Abs As A Reward

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February Progress 2Yesterday was my weekly check in with Trainer Man and also leg day. All that joy rolled into one evening. Afterwards I was lucky to just get out the door to the car. I was able to drop 1.2% body fat this week so that was huge progress in my mind. I knew the mirror was showing a difference and I’m glad the calipers also showed it.

I think the main difference is that the presence of my abs is more consistent and doesn’t rely as much on being hungry. This is a horrible progress pic due to the lighting and my pasty white skin. I’m pretty much glowing in a Casper way and not in a lovely alabaster skin way. I need to reactivate my spray tan membership, don’t I? Eeesh.

Hopefully another couple weeks and I’ll reach body fat goal, and can cut back a little on the cardio. I miss lifting heavy things and want to get back to more of that as opposed to lifting for cardio and calorie burn. I want biceps! Yes, it’s is entirely possible to do both however with all my other Mom and household duties, I seriously don’t have that kind of time daily.

Leg day is the hardest workout I do all week. There are times when I cry (not last night!) and times when I moan like a dying buffalo (yeah, I had that moment). It definitely gives me my biggest sense of accomplishment when it’s done. I still like lunges way more than squats. I like just about anything way more than squats. Squats are evil. I also squat crooked which I hate.

I have a couple fun (for me at least) announcements coming over the next couple days. I was going to tell you today but I didn’t want to give you all my news at once and run out of things to say. It’s a good thing you aren’t here or I’d probably have told you by now and ruined the surprise. And I was joking about running out of things to say. I can pretty much guarantee that won’t happen. I can chatter about anything.

How is your week going? Are you busy giving compliments this week?

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