Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

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Happiness ProjectRemember that song from years ago? It’s the first Monday in April and you know what that means. Our next task in the Even Happier Quest! I’m really looking forward to the surprise each month when I read about what I get to tackle in the Happiness Project. As promised, I never read ahead so each month really is a surprise for me.

This month is a good one. Yes, I know. I say that every month but this time I really mean it! Really. In April, I’m focusing on the task of Lighten Up. As a Type A personality, I really need a reminder to lighten up and not take things so seriously. I’m a planner. When things don’t go as planned, I tend to get tense and grouchy.

I don’t like change. When faced with change, I get tense and grouchy. I could use a little lightening up. Especially given that this school year not one teacher seems to be able to plan ahead by more than an evening. I plan to drop The Kid off for track practice before school then find out the night before it is changed to after school.

Urgh! That’s just one example. It requires all kinds of rearranging since I have no back up parent. With practice and after school activities moving all around and The Kid not sleeping a lot, we’ve got a perfect storm of mean pre-teen attitude going most mornings. Combined with a tense and grouchy Mom, and whooo doggie. You may want to stay away.

So I hereby vow to lighten up. The author explains the old saying “If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck. It must be a duck.” Same thing applies to being happy. If you lighten up, pretend outwardly to be happy, fake inward happiness. Suddenly you’re happy! Makes sense if you think about it. The first way to lighten up is to sing in the morning.

I got this one down pat. I love to sing. I suck at singing but hey, it’s still fun. Not only will I sing in the mornings, I will toss in a couple dance moves too. After busting a move and singing, how could I not be happy? Actually I’m laughing now at the thought of tomorrow morning’s serenade adventure.

Could you use a little lightening up? Would you sing in the morning?

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