Feeling Zen And Boosting Energy At The Same Time

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Zen GardenHow’d you do in the first week of our Even Happier Quest? Are you full of boundless oodles of energy yet? Have you found your Zen? I can’t say for sure that I have, but I think I’m sleeping better. Maybe it’s mind over matter? I still wake up once a night or so, but I do the deep breathing and make sure to not think any thoughts. I drift right back to sleep. That’s progress for sure but I’m not ready to cross Sleep Better off the list yet.

I figure with enough good nights’ sleep under my belt, the energy will come. Next up in the Boost Energy task is an interesting challenge. When do you find yourself excited and energetic? I get this way when I’m doing something fun! Makes perfect sense. If you’re having fun doing something, you aren’t going to feel forced to do it and you’ll approach it with energy.

I decided as part of this month’s task, I’m going to do one thing a week just for fun not out of obligation. I hope you’ll join in this Do One Fun Thing challenge. Of course ideally we could do one thing each day that was fun, but I thought that might be a little ambitious to start with. I want a goal that is accomplishable and not one that I’m pretty sure won’t happen right away.

Plan something fun this week. It can be any day of your choice, but you have to do it. It doesn’t have a time limit and can be whatever suits you. It should be something that you wouldn’t normally do. For example, I love cooking but I won’t count it for this because I already cook a lot so there’s no challenge or energy boosting. What will you do? Get a pedicure? Make time to see a movie? Learn something new? Go someplace fun? Play in the park like a kid?

Striking a PoseI was so excited about this task that I already knocked mine out of the way. The Kid and I went exploring the Botanical Gardens in a nearby city. Not just any botanical gardens, but a peaceful Japanese Garden. If only I could turn my backyard into an oasis like this. We’ve never been there before and I figured it was time we explore someplace new together.

It was interesting to see all of the garden layouts, feed the scary massive fish, and wander around with no obligations. They had landscaped gardens with all different kinds of themes depending on the area in Japan that you would find them. There was even a dry garden where they raked out designs in the gravel.

It was almost like crop circles. There were no footprints in the sand. Even The Kid wondered how they did it without leaving a trail somewhere as they walked out. We strolled around without having to rush to be anywhere and just enjoyed the afternoon. I highly recommend doing something fun to make your day.

Are you up for the challenge? What’s the first thing that comes to your mind to do? Let me know!

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