It Doesn’t Matter What You Do, But That You Do

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The other day I was heading home from work. It was cold and rainy and getting dark all at the same time. The perfect storm. I had plans to go to yoga but I had to stop home first to drop off The Kid, grab a snack and change. Once I got home, I just wanted to stay and sit on my warm, comfy sofa.

Does this scene sound familiar? It happens at my house several times a week. The weather may be different, the workout different, but the comfortable looking sofa stays the same. I put one foot in front of the other though and I do my workout anyway. That’s what makes the difference between a skinny fat me and a fit me. Yes, I did go to yoga that night as planned.

I promise you that I’m not always filled with the motivation to workout. Yep, I’m just like you and would rather sit. I just have enough experience in doing it to know that I’ll feel much happier after I’m done. Happiness that takes many forms. Happy that I’m no longer skinny fat and that I did something to keep it from happening again.

Happy that I have a sense of accomplishment. I strive to do something better every workout. Did I hold a pose easier in yoga? Did l lift more weight on a bicep curl? Did I finish a WOD in less time? Happy that I did something for me instead of just sitting there getting nothing done. That same happiness won’t be there if I sit and watch TV all evening.

If my heart really truly isn’t in it, sometimes I adjust the plan to do to something else that I feel like doing more. If I’m too sore from my last lifting workout to do that day’s, I’ll swap workouts and go to yoga. Or I’ll do 20 minutes of HIIT instead of 40 minutes of running. There are plenty of options if you look for them. The trick is to look for them and get moving.

Any workout is better than no workout even if you do it solely for the sense of accomplishment and just to say you did it. It doesn’t matter why you did it but that you did.

What gives you the motivation to get your workout done? What’s your form of happy afterwards?

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