No Resolutions, Just A New Phase For A New Me

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To Do ListFor a couple months I’ve had issues with motivation off and on. I love my time spent with Trainer Man and trying new workouts like Crossfit and yoga, but I’ve written about trying to get my mojo back and have been working hard to find it. It’s not an every day thing, but it’s been frustrating and I just keep putting one foot in front of the other. With my time off, I think I’ve figured out what it is.

It boils down to being overwhelmed. Gosh, imagine that. Since June 2010, I’ve driven back and forth 3 times a week to my gym and worked out on my own another 3 times a week. I’ve only missed a couple workouts due to planned events. A couple… in 18 months… That’s not a lot. In fact, it’s definitely a world record for me and would be for many people.

With the commute to Trainer Man, each workout takes 2 ½ – 3 hours mostly spent in the car. That’s a ton of time each week. Throw in all the other single mom and house duties that I have to do like homework, dog walking, cleaning, cooking, repairing and maintaining, and it’s a recipe for disorganization and lack of time for just stopping to think.

Being the Type A, obsessive compulsive personal that I am, I can’t stand being disorganized and seeing my To Do List getting longer and longer. Magazine and book piles getting higher and higher. It freaks me out and impacts all areas of my life. Yes, I realize I have issues. The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? So I’m now entering a new phase.

A phase were I force myself to learn how to workout on my own. It doesn’t sound big, but it is for me since I’ve never really done this. Not consistently at least. I have a strong foundation based on all of the knowledge that Trainer Man has given me. He’s really a true, body-molding genius.

I’m cutting back to one time per week with him and the other workouts are going to be either in my local gym or in my garage gym. This will free me up to do other things around the house (including the dang To Do List) without stressing about lack of time. It will also help me learn through trial and error on what works so that I can start on the path of becoming a personal trainer some day.

I’ve got to get back to working towards that dream and not just saying some day. I’m currently looking into becoming a certified personal trainer and also at yoga teacher training. Who knows, maybe I’ll do both. How cool would that be?

I can’t imagine a more rewarding day than to spend time helping others the way that I’ve been helped these past 18 months. So the next few weeks will be a bit of trial and error with workouts. There will be some self-pep talking, potentially some whining with a side of confusion. That’s what makes life fun.

Do you stress over your To Do List? How do you manage to get it done?

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