Adrianne’s 2012 Summed Up in Just One Word

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EmpowerHappy New Year! As the year was winding down, I read a lot of posts about resolutions and goals for 2012. I saw a couple about picking a theme for the year instead of the usual goal setting. Not just a theme but a one word theme that will define the year. This idea really jumped out at me, and they always say follow your gut.

I loved this idea and gave thought to what my theme word should be. There are no real rules for the word. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, or whatever you choose. I started a list of possibilities like Push, Strive, Strength. Nothing really jumped out at me or excited me… until this week.

Maybe it’s the non-processed food mental clarity that I’ve got going. Maybe it’s the sleeping like a log that’s helped, but I came up with my theme word. Empower! EMPOWER. It just basically shouted at me and once the thought was there I knew it was my theme for the year.

Credit: The cool picture above was created by the wonderful Jimmy from Twitter. I added the word Empower after he sent it to me, and as you can see my skills don’t compare to his.

Week in ReviewIn case you missed the Quest this week, here’s my week in review:

I can’t wait to lay out my empower plan for the year! Now I just need a superhero outfit with a big E on it… in purple please… with a matching cape.

What is your theme for 2012? What word jumps out at you?

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