My Poor Brain Is As Cloudy As The Day

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Cloudy DayA weird thing is happening this week. I know, you’re surprised that weird things are happening in the Quest Household but humor me any way. Exhaustion seems to be setting in and that is very weird for me.

Since I’ve got a Titanic boat load of stuff on my To Do List on an average day, I’m usually tired and sleep well at night. In spite of that, I’m up and rolling around 6 – 6:30 am even on weekends. I’ve got energy albeit caffeine induced at times but it’s there.

This week I’ve been on vacation with The Kid and I’ve not done any working out other than walking Thing Two. Honestly I wouldn’t count that as working out, I just didn’t want you to think my butt has been glued to the sofa the entire day. I haven’t made a dent in my outstanding To Do List that I planned to start tackling in my free time.

Yet, I’m suddenly exhausted and not waking up until 8 am. Gasp! My brain is like a cloudy day for a couple hours and then the clouds start letting in a little light. I’m also making the To Do List worse by perusing Pinterest by the hour in the DIY/Craft section and pinning loads of crafty to do things!

I wonder if the lack of exercise endorphins is causing it. Pouty mood setting in from not being able to work out maybe. Or possibly this just what non-obsessive-compulsive life feels like. Maybe that’s it. I’m just being a person on vacation and relaxing for the first time in a long time and I don’t recognize this feeling.

Have you had this happen to you in your downtime or am I truly just weird? You’re always welcome to be truthful and tell me it’s just me. 😉

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