Nothing Like A Painting Project To Add Some Color To The Weekend

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The Kid and I are painting her room this weekend. I just love decorating and have books and magazines with ideas all over the place. We moved into the house about 8 years ago, and I painted every room and fancy-fied the place. I haven’t done anything in a long time and now I’ve got the bug again.

I hate painting though. Not really the process of painting, but the time it takes combined with my impatience. I want to see the end result right away. Forget the whole prepping, taping and waiting nonsense. I want to SEE now! Watching paint dry isn’t boring. It’s just plain torture to Type A personalities.

Week in ReviewI’m having a blast with The Kid though and don’t often get to spend this much time with her anymore when we’re just talking and having fun. She’s growing up fast and spending time with friends and doing her own thing. I’m going to attempt to recruit her to help decorate the rest of the house and maybe I can keep this going just a little longer. Shhh, don’t tell her my secret plan.

In case you missed the whirlwind this week, here’s the run down:

Lots accomplished this week along with a lot of fun! There’s one more task coming tomorrow for the Boost Energy portion of the Even Happier Quest and then on to February. Wow, the year is flying already.

Do you love decorating? If you have any must have books or websites, I’d love to hear about them and get ideas.

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