Q&A Time: How Would You Answer?

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Putting the grill together this weekend was a huge success and I got to try it out last night for the first time with pork chops and burgers. They smelled wonderful and tasted even better. I can’t wait to give some more things a try. The Kid gets to swim while I grill, plus I save energy by not using the oven and heating up the house.

Oooh, and O Magazine has arrived again and you know what that means? Questions to make me ponder. I love this feature since it makes me think about stuff that wouldn’t normally cross my mind. It’s definitely a self-learning experience that I look forward to. After all some things start with just a dream.

My most meaningful detour has been…
Moving to Texas. I grew up on the East Coast and my relatives still live there. I never planned to move from the area, but there were a bunch of deciding factors that went into the choice to move. I picked up everything and The Kid and I moved halfway cross country to Texas almost 9 years ago. I left all of our friends and family behind for a place unknown. It was a rough start that included getting laid off twice during the DotCom collapse but it was probably the second best decision of my life. It’s definitely one that I don’t regret and would do again in a heartbeat. This is where we belong.

I’ve always wanted to…
Have a gourmet kitchen with tons of windows for light. I’m talking state of the art with cook tops, fancy refrigerator, convection oven, gadgets galore. I’d also insist on a built in garden recessed along a picture window so I can grow fresh herbs. I saw this in a foodie magazine once. A very nice touch. The gourmet kitchen dream is way out of my budget but if I ever win the lottery, it’s one of the first things I’m taking care of. I want it big enough so that I can cook while friends are over and there’s room for them to sit and socialize.

The one place I always come back to is…
Home. My own home with my own things. After a rough day, all I can think about is going home and getting into comfy clothes and cuddling up on the sofa. Home represents happiness and comfort to me with all the memories it holds. It’s got everything I need whether I’m having a good day, bad day, sad, angry. Home is truly where the heart is for me.

My favorite road trip music is…
Anything that I can sing to. All good road trips must involve singing. It can be anything from current hits to rap to country to classic rock. The only requirement is singing with enthusiasm. The funnier the song the better.

Your turn. How would you answer?

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