Rainbows, Unicorns, and Exciting Stuff This Week

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RainbowDespite the yucky work segments of the week, all in all it was pretty good. We got a ton of rain at the beginning and some cooler weather. Roofs here (thankfully not mine!) began leaking at the gym, restaurants and other places. It seemed like everywhere I went there was a bucket collecting dripping water.

Suddenly the storms broke, and Thing Two and I were surprised with a rainbow on our walk. It was a perfect rainbow that went completely down to the horizon on both sides. If you look closely in the picture, you can even see that it was a double rainbow. Oooh, what does that mean?! Kidding. 😉

In case you missed anything this week, here’s what went on:

I’ve got some quick workout challenges coming for you this week. I’m really liking these types of challenges personally. They are so easy to slip into my schedule a couple times a day. No excuses. Plus I can pretty much do anything for less than 15 minutes at a time. Even squats and burpees!

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