Reflections On 9/11

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reflectionsThis is a rare occurence of a serious post from me. Since today marks the 10 year anniversary of 9/11, it is a nice day for reflection on what happened. With it being the talk of the news lately and dedications of memorial, I’ve been talking with The Kid about it this week. It still gives me chills every time I think back.

I’m sure all of us who lived through the events remember exactly where we were when it all happened and the aftermath that followed. I was still living in Maryland at the time and was at work in Annapolis.

I heard the news first on the radio playing on my desk and we all quickly went to the conference room to watch on TV. At that point, they weren’t officially announcing what was going on. Once they figured it out, work let us go since they were shutting down the area due to the closeness of the Naval Academy and NSA.

I was able to get out in time and to The Kid pretty quickly. I spent the day with the rest of America watching the horror on TV. I remember the silence in the air the next few days since all the planes were grounded. I never even noticed before that the noise they make as they constantly fly over but I clearly remember their silence when they were missing from the sky.

My parents live a couple miles from the Pentagon and I have friends who were there at work that day. A couple were even on 95 as the plane flew over on its way. Thankfully none of them were lost but they have chilling tales to tell from the front line of one of the crashes.

One of the saddest is from a couple days after the Pentagon crash when people were starting to return to work. There is a huge section of the parking lot where those who died at the Pentagon had assigned parking. My friend realized when he went back to work that the section of the parking lot was full since they weren’t ever coming back for their cars. He said that’s when everything became real for him when he saw the sheer number of cars there.

Wherever you are today, I hope you take a moment to remember those that gave their lives both on the ground and in the air that day and those that followed. Also give thanks to the police, fire and rescue personnel that risk their lives on a daily basis for us. Because of them, we live in a safer place.

Big hugs to you guys! xo


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