My Price Matching Experiment Pays Off

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Today was an awesome day. I woke up and for half the day, I actually thought it was Wednesday. It wasn’t until lunchtime that I realized that it was really Thursday! I was thrilled to figure out that I was one day closer to the weekend than expected. Woohoo!

In a past post, I talked about some of the problems with eating healthy and trying to save money at the grocery store. Since I’m a couponer and the majority of coupons are not for meat, veggies and fruit, my food budget has gone up. I’m very grateful to live in a time where we are able to get “special” items like almond milk and Greek yogurt in mainstream grocery stores though.

Price Match AdsIt used to be that these were only available at Whole Foods and specialty stores. As a Mom of a food allergic child, this makes my life so much easier to shop in just one place. In a quest to find a way to save money on the food bill where I can, I decided to experiment with Walmart’s price matching policy. Yes, I do my grocery shopping at Walmart. They really do have great prices there.

In case you haven’t heard, Walmart matches competitor prices on all items including produce and meats. I saved the ads that I got in the mail from the grocery stores during the week. Sunday I created my list as usual but I went through the ads to find the things I’d planned to buy and locate the lowest price. I found deals on grapes, tomatoes, eggs, soy milk and tons of other stuff on the list.

I still had doubts about whether it would work but it was worth a try. There was even one ridiculously low price on cans of tuna and a buy one get one free on whole wheat sandwich thins. I made sure to circle my prices in the ads with a sharpie so that I could easily provide proof and noted the competitor store next to the item on my list to cross reference at the cash register.

I’m happy to report back that it worked like a charm. Every item was matched without argument! As the item was rung up, I showed the price in the competitor ad and the cashier adjusted it. I saved $10 through price matching alone this week which was a huge help! The total bill came to $51 so that was a pretty decent savings percentage with no coupons in there.

I’ve got this week’s ads sitting in the kitchen ready to go. I’ve already seen deals on cherries, pork loin and chicken breasts! Plus I took advantage of The Kid being home and asked her to look through the ads and figure out who had the bargains for us. Price matching on the produce plus coupons for what I can discount will hopefully add up to a pretty good savings. Let me know how it goes for you and happy saving.

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