Twists And Turns In The Even Happier Quest

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Happiness ProjectWelcome to the first Monday in February. I still can’t believe that we’ve arrived here. The weather in Texas doesn’t feel like February. We’ve been having the warmest winter since I’ve been here. I don’t think there’s any hope of snow this season. Usually we get at least one good snow/ice storm. Being from the East Coast, I love snow and miss it.

This is also the first Monday in our February installment of the Even Happier Quest. I didn’t peek ahead until this weekend since I wanted to be surprised. This month’s mission is Remember Love. Bleh, pooey, great, frowny face. I should have figured this one out since it is the month of Valentine’s Day. The author based the chapter on remembering love in her relationship with her husband.

Being a single mom, I assumed that I’d have to write this chapter off completely and figure out a backup idea to find happiness. As I started reading, I realized that my assumption was wrong. Completely wrong. Just because the tasks she chose were applied to her husband didn’t make a husband or boyfriend a requirement. Not at all. The same ideas work for a child, a friendship, or heck even a co-worker type relationship. So I’ll soldier on and Remember Love!

The task I chose for this week is Don’t Expect Praise or Appreciation. This actually comes at a perfect time given my week last week. I’m having difficulty at work with some of the things that I’ve been putting my heart and soul into. Being the Mom of a pre-teen, I’m also having difficulty with this at home. I’m sure if you have kids, you are nodding your head right now. It really does start to wear away at you sometimes if there’s no let up.

Something jumped off the pages at me and I’m going to make it my mantra this week. In a nutshell it boiled down to this. Do hard work for yourself. If you do things for other people, you end up wanting them to acknowledge you for it, to be grateful, and to give you credit. If this doesn’t happen, you feel unappreciated or disappointed. If you do it for yourself, you don’t expect other people to react in a particular way and they never let you down.

Very powerful and completely changes the way of thinking, doesn’t it? I’m putting this plan into action starting today and am excited to see how it works out. I still need to figure out some way to remind myself of these habits when I forget them in the moment. I am getting better at remembering though.

Funny how I wrote this month’s mission off at first glance and it’s probably even more suited to me than last month. Does this task apply to you or do you have a different task in mind to Remember Love?

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