The Quest for a Soap Scum Remover is Over!

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Easy Soap Scum RemoverDo you hate soap scum in your shower as much as I do? I’m a dedicated clean freak as you know if you’ve read here for any length of time. I’ve even posted on trying to get past my weekly cleaning obsession and I’m making progress. I have a tip for you that you’re going to love. Not just regular love but LOVE.

I’ve got one of those fiberglass showers that never seems to come clean regardless of how much scrubbing I do. I typically use the magic erasers, scrubbing bubbles, and lots of elbow grease. I dread it, not to mention I don’t have time for that. Enter the magical solution… tah dah!

It’s a soap scum remover that is cheap and really works. Like beyond my expectations works! I found the original recipe on Pinterest the other day, but I quest-ified it of course. (Another made up word courtesy of my creative mind!) I’ll admit the modifications came out of pure laziness but the results were stunning and I won’t be attempting the original.

You need a bottle of the blue Dawn dish detergent. There are tons of varieties of Dawn but the post said blue specifically so that’s what I got. I didn’t even get the Walmart brand just in case though I might try it in the future. You also need plain old white vinegar and a spray bottle. I already had the vinegar since I use it to clean other stuff.

Here’s what you do. Mix 3 oz of blue Dawn and 3 oz of white vinegar in the spray bottle. The original recipe said to heat the vinegar in the microwave and that’s where my laziness came in. I did not heat anything. If you want to heat, be my guest but it wasn’t needed from what I could see. The 3 oz of each was the perfect amount for one cleaning of my entire shower.

Swirl the spray bottle to mix it a bit and spray your shower all over – walls, floor, glass. Leave it overnight to dry. The mixture is really gel-like so it stays on the walls and glass pretty well and doesn’t slide off. Here’s my key step. It will sound crazy, but it gives you a peek into the lengths I’m willing to go to in order to save time for something else more enjoyable.

The next morning when you get up to get ready, just get in the Dawn coated shower and rinse the walls and glass AS YOU TAKE YOUR SHOWER. Seriously. I figured the vinegar is non-toxic and the dish detergent is made to have your hands in it. Hands and feet are similar so what the heck, right? The shower freaking glowed. Guh-LOWED!

Here’s a picture that I took from outside the shower and one from inside the shower so you can see how clear the glass was. The floor no longer had gray soap scum spots, and the glass and walls were clear. All for the time it took to swirl and spray.

Shower Comparison

You can also go the normal route of course and rinse without actually taking a shower. 😉 Obviously I would not recommend this with regular cleansers with chemicals, or if you have a reason to not come in contact with Dawn or vinegar. Use your own judgment since not everyone is as crazy as I am to attempt this.

All total the cost was less than $5 to make quite a few batches. That includes the cost of the spray bottle that you’ll only buy once so it’s pretty cheap to make! If you want more homemade cleanser ideas, I’ve written about it before here. Have you ever done something as crazy as cleaning the shower while you’re in it?


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