Ten Downsides To A Healthy Lifestyle

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French FriesNow that it’s been almost 2 years since I started my fitness journey, I’ve taken some time to reflect on how my life has changed. There are negatives that you don’t consider during your beginning denial phase of giving up french fries.

Everyone talks about the upside of eating healthy and exercising but hardly anyone tells you the downside. I’m here today to enlighten you with 10 bad things about a healthy lifestyle.

  1. You suddenly find yourself completely out of touch with Meredith Grey, Derrick Shepard and all the happenings on Grey’s Anatomy. You don’t even realize some of them went into Private Practice.
  2. You struggle to fit in with co-workers and pretend to nod knowingly as they chat about who was voted off, who stumbled as they danced, who sucked when they sang, and so on. You really have no clue who they’re talking about.
  3. You are faced with the agonizing choice of what to sacrifice off of your full DVR to make room for more recordings that you’ll never have time to watch. Most times you don’t even get to this because things just drop off automatically.
  4. Your sick leave goes unused forcing you to either feign illness to take the time off or lose it at the end of the year. It’s hard afterwards to remember to fake a cough or sigh exhaustedly upon your return.
  5. You spend a small fortune on a new wardrobe in a smaller size so you don’t look like you’re playing dress up with your mother’s clothes. Then you spend most of your time in a t-shirt and jeans and Lululemon shorts anyway.
  6. You end up literally dragging your dog behind you on long walks because you want to walk further than he does. People in cars sometimes stare oddly as they drive by on a nightly drag.
  7. You can no longer find spare change in your sofa because you’re never on it long enough to fund the cushions. This negatively impacts the emergency Starbucks fund at times.
  8. Your kitchen counter becomes cluttered with all the spices you buy. Your fridge overflows with veggies of all varieties and you have trouble finding spare room to fit it all in.
  9. You feel like a guilty ninja when you smuggle your snacks into movie theaters so you have something to eat and drink during the two hours. You also often have to deal with weird looks as they try to figure out what smells like broccoli.
  10. You make big plans to sleep in on a weekend but wake up at 6 am anyway because your internal clock has regulated itself. You’re up and perky but no one else is up yet, forcing you to relax by the pool with a magazine and coffee until they rise.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This fitness quest isn’t all fun and roses. It can sometimes be pretty horrible. Gotcha! 😉

Happy happy weekend! Be safe and please remember our troops.


  1. Congrats! Your inspiring post was the #1 most clicked post in The Mommy Club last week! Thank you so much for linking it up. I loved reading it. The new linky is up and RUNNING! Hope you stop over and link up more of your wonderful mommy solutions and resources!


  2. Adrianne says

    Thanks, Crystal! I’m so excited to have the top honor and am glad your readers enjoyed it. It was probably the most fun I’ve had writing a post and all of the reasons are true for me. 😉

  3. Charlotte Mumin says

    Nice post you Got here, thanks for sharing your idea.

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