Cookie Eating With No Clean Up Needed

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CookiesDo you like cookies? I like cookies, just about any kind of cookies except if they have nuts in them. Why do people ruin a perfectly good cookie by putting nuts in them? Same with ice cream sundaes. Keep your nuts to yourself, please.

I’ve been reading my cooking magazines lately and since the holidays are coming, they are full of cookie recipes. I was excited when BzzAgent contacted me and asked me to do a review. A review of cookies! I could eat a cookie and not have to clean up the kitchen. Nice bonus.

I got the chance to review The Truly Awesome Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies. These are new cookies offered at Kroger (which we have here in TX), Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and other Kroger family stores. They sent me not just one, but two boxes of the cookies to try out. Disclosure: I got the cookies for free, but the review is an honest opinion of them.

I was excited when they arrived and I read the ingredients to see if I could share with The Kid. They’re made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients, but unfortunately they do contain butter. I had to break the news to The Kid that they were off limits to her because of food allergies.

I was a willing participant in the trial though so I cracked open the box and tried one. I froze the rest to reduce temptation and am taking the second box to work today. The cookies are pretty big and come eight to a box. Each cookie is 120 calories which is very reasonable for a cookie this size, full of chocolate chips.

Thankfully there were no nuts in these things, and chocolate chips were listed first in the ingredient list! The box suggested that I warm the cookie in the microwave for the just out of the oven taste. I did and it wasn’t bad. The chips were slightly melty and the cookie part was warm and crunchy. When I make cookies on my own, I prefer a soft chewy cookie so I wish these were not as crunchy but they tasted really good.

Kroger is coming out with several of The Truly Awesome products like yogurt and veggie sides. All are made with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. From the list they sent, I’d consider most of them a treat for occasional indulging and not an every day staple. I’m guessing my co-workers will be as excited to try these cookies as I was.

What is your favorite kind of cookie? Do you like your cookies soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy?

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