You Know You’re Getting Old When…

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You know you’re getting old when your haircare products are suddenly out numbered by moisturizers and eye creams in your bathroom. Lately I’ve been on a mission to find something to lessen the fine little wrinkles that are starting to appear around my eyes and between my nose and mouth. They aren’t really that noticeable right now, but I want to head them off at the pass so I don’t wake up one day and realize my face has melted and it’s too late to save it. I’ve got a few go to products that I use including some from Lush, Avon, Clinique, and a few random drugstore brands.

I’m now on a mission to get my outside looking as good as my insides. Or at least to get my face to look as good as my body does. I’ve been a BzzAgent for several years now, and I get to try out new products and give feedback to my friends, readers, and the company itself based on my experience. I’ve tried a bunch over the years and it is interesting to try products out in real life and have an impact. I got an invitation the other day through BzzAgent to try out a new product from Loreal that will help get rid of the fine lines and darkness under my eyes. It’s called Loreal Collagen Micro-Pulse Total Eye Correction System. Hmmm, an entire system that’s sole purpose is to help my eye area. It sounds promising so I decided to sign up.

Last night was my first time using the system. It’s really not that complicated and I think calling it a system makes it sound more difficult than it actually is. The eye cream comes packaged in a tube just like other eye creams that I’ve tried before. The difference is that there is a round, metallic piece at the top that is used along with the eye cream. This metallic piece is actually a micro-pulse massager that is used after the eye cream. The massager is intended to mimic techniques used in facials and by professional massagers to improve circulation, remove fluid build up, and increase collagen production.

So last night, I washed my face and moisturized as usual and then I set about trying out the new system. The eye cream was really nice. It didn’t leave my eye area feeling greasy like some have before and it tingled slightly after I put it on. Not badly, but it feel cool and tingly for about 10 minutes. I take that as a sign that something good is happening. The next step after the eye cream is to use the battery operated massager to massage the eye area. The box contains a diagram of an eye, and you are supposed to hold the massager for 2 – 3 seconds under each eye at 5 points numbered on the diagram.

There is a specific order that you are supposed to follow when doing it. It was a little difficult to follow along the first time and I kept having to refer back to the diagram. I think it will get easier as I get into the habit of doing it. Once both eyes are vibrated per the instructions, the last step is to massage across the under eye area aiming outward for 10 seconds per eye. I plan to keep the box for a few days until I get used to what I’m doing and have it memorized. Loreal says that crow’s feet will appear smoother immediately and eye bags will be reduced.

The vibrations were a little weird under my eye, but not disturbingly so. I’ve never used anything around my eyes like this before. I do think that the lines were slightly puffed up and less noticeable afterwards. I don’t think I have bags so there was no real difference there. The results are supposed to be even more dramatic after 4 weeks of usage. I know that followers of holistic medicine are big on the benefits of accupressure and pressure points. I bet this concept is similar. Hopefully this will do as promised and I’ll update you on my results as I keep using it.

If you’re interested in trying products too, check out BzzAgent and let me know what you get to try out!

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