What Do You Do When You Can’t To Do?!

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things-to-doThe past couple holiday weeks I’ve been a machine at getting my To Do List done. I think it was all the days off for the holidays and shorter work hours that were on my side. It all came to a screeching halt yesterday. No matter what I tackled, I just couldn’t get a single thing crossed off the list. I tried hard and had everything mapped out as usual, but there were bits and pieces of each thing that couldn’t be completed.

I tried grocery shopping but the store was out of a couple things. I sent emails to follow up but didn’t get responses. I tried returning a couple gifts but forgot a receipt. I tried trading in an old game system but didn’t know that I was missing a part. Is there such a thing as To Do karma? The bad To Do karma even rolled over into today. I tried to return a movie on the way back from the gym and the Redbox was broken. No go. Sigh, I thought I was cursed. Blessing in disguise?

I got all my cables and everything together to trade in my old game system and took it in again today. It turned out that a trade special had started this morning and they gave me double the value that I would have gotten had I been successful yesterday. One hundred smackers instead of a measly 50. Turns out To Do karma really was looking out for me and had a better plan in mind. It’s a good reminder that things aren’t always what they seem.

Sometimes things that we think aren’t going right, really are working out for the best. We just might not realize it yet and all we need to do is be patient and we’ll get rewarded for our efforts. Keep that in mind over the next few weeks as you work towards your goals and resolutions. Sometimes progress isn’t readily apparent and just needs a bit of time. Stay the course and many times it works out even better than you’d hoped.

PS – I managed to get 3 things off my To Do List today! Boom. 😉

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