Winding the Week Down and Prepping for Work

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Vacation week is winding down here and I’m trying to mentally prepare for going back to work. We did so much this week, I need a vacation from my vacation. Austin was the highlight of the week by far and was a seriously good time. Unknowingly I booked the trip for the same weekend as the ROT Rally. In case you didn’t know, ROT is Texas’ largest biker rally.

Me and The Kid in AustinThey all rolled into town and there were bikers everywhere.You could feel the streets vibrating from the loud tailpipes. It was fun to see all the different kinds of bikes and it definitely added to the experience.

It was slightly tricky navigating through town since the GPS wasn’t prepared for the street closings. It’s not an official road trip until there’s a U-turn. This one had plenty. Austin is very laid back. Everyone is wearing shorts and casual clothes.

It’s a huge fitness town. People ride bikes (the non-motorized ones) everywhere. There’s even a hitch on the front of the public buses so that you can hang your bike while getting a bus ride! Dog parks abound as well as lake swimming, hiking, and running. I’d love to move there if ever given the opportunity.

Here’s a recap of the great week:

As a side note: When we arrived at the hotel, I rushed to check out the fitness center. It was one of the reasons I chose that hotel. Apparently we didn’t share the same definition as the center consisted of a treadmill, an elliptical, and a bike. Period. Not a dumbbell or even band to be found.

I was not discouraged. I did the Have a Ball Workout right there in my hotel room substituting my filled water jug for the medicine ball. I also added on some tabatas and a few burpee combos. I burned an easy 611 calories in an hour. How’s that for getting it done. I also practice what I preach and don’t just create workouts for you guys.

Ha, I was worried the jumping around was going to rile the bikers who might be staying on the floor below us. I tried my best to jump quietly with cat like reflexes. I figured a biker wearing assless chaps wouldn’t give me a warning yell to quiet down. 😉

Happy end of the weekend! xo

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