Quest List

Do you have a bucket list? I started mine a couple years ago and I firmly believe everyone should have one. Not just in your head but written down somewhere. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but seeing it makes it more likely to get done. Since I’m nowhere near kicking the bucket, I’m calling my the Quest List.

bucket list thinkingHelen Keller said “Life is either an adventure or nothing.” Every adventure needs a few quests along the way. I plan to update my Quest List regularly by crossing things off the list as they are done and adding new ones as I dream big.

  1. Take a cooking class at a local foodie heaven
  2. Sell something on Etsy (not sure what yet, but something)
  3. Publish a real cookbook with a real publisher
  4. Win a trophy in a figure competition
  5. Vacation in Hawaii, preferably with The Kid
  6. Become a certified personal trainer and get a client of my very own
  7. Take a photography class and learn to take great pics
  8. Learn how to make my own mineral makeup
  9. Sing karaoke (In public with a microphone. Not my usual singing while on my evening run.)
  10. Go on a cruise (Caribbean, Alaska? I haven’t decided the destination yet.)
  11. Go jet skiing
  12. Go snow boarding
  13. Go camping in a tent (Seems rather risky if it’s just me and The Kid. I’ll need a bodyguard for this one to avoid a scene from Deliverance.)
  14. See Mount Rushmore
  15. Attend a fancy gala where I get to wear a fancy dress (Tiara optional, but preferred.)
  16. Visit Russia and actually speak Russian the majority of the time (I never get to use it here. I’m getting rusty.)
  17. Visit Paris and take a picture of the Eiffel Tower
  18. Take The Kid skydiving for her 18th birthday (She was quite peeved that she wasn’t allowed to go with me last time.)
  19. Take a road trip to Austin, TX and see the bats
  20. See the Marfa Lights in Marfa, TX
  21. Take an art class and create a painting for my wall
  22. Go to a hockey game (I’ve heard they’re pretty thrilling to see in person!)
  23. Swim with the dolphins
  24. Travel at least once to all 50 states
  25. Get my picture in Oxygen Magazine (or any real fitness publication)
  26. Ride a mechanical bull
  27. Do a handstand push up (Just one!)
  28. Find 10 charities that mean something to me and make a donation to each