Carbing Up For Marching Band With Mushroom Ravioli

Apparently marching bands are THE thing here in Texas. Who knew? Yes, probably every Texan knows this but me being a non-Texan had no idea until recently. They aren’t like this on the East Coast. Last week we eased into the band thing with a few half days and then worked our way up to […]

The Case of the Insane Eyeball

We haven’t had much of a winter here in Texas this year. Combine that with hideous allergies and suddenly you have a recipe for disaster for those of us who suffer from pollen issues. For the past couple weeks, my left eye has been slightly itchy and had a little tiny red spot in it. […]

One Of The Best Road Trip Endings Yet

How far would you drive for ice cream? What if it was soft serve ice cream? The Kid and I drove 45 minutes one way for ice cream today. Not just any kind of ice cream. This was vegan soft serve ice cream… and it was so worth it. Look at it! Now I want […]

If It’s Good Enough For Gronk, It’s Good Enough For Me

I’ve been asked several times recently “So why Paleo?” First off, I think I need to answer the question of what is Paleo. Basically it is following the eating habits of our ancient human ancestors, eating only what they would have had access to waaaaay back then. Mostly meats, veggies, seeds, and nuts. A little […]

Cookie Eating With No Clean Up Needed

Do you like cookies? I like cookies, just about any kind of cookies except if they have nuts in them. Why do people ruin a perfectly good cookie by putting nuts in them? Same with ice cream sundaes. Keep your nuts to yourself, please. I’ve been reading my cooking magazines lately and since the holidays […]