More Progress And Consistent Abs As A Reward

Yesterday was my weekly check in with Trainer Man and also leg day. All that joy rolled into one evening. Afterwards I was lucky to just get out the door to the car. I was able to drop 1.2% body fat this week so that was huge progress in my mind. I knew the mirror was […]

Mission Impossible or The Impossible Dream?

For a while I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another contest. With the success I’ve had lately on my Whole30, I’ve been pondering timeframes at last for the next one. There are two possibilities this year June 16th and September 8th. I keep flexing looking in the mirror to see how much muscle I’ve […]

Halfway Through My Whole30 Challenge And Going Strong

Today is officially Day 17 of my Whole30 challenge. Yes, I know it’s a random number of days to post an update but it’s Friday so it seemed to work in my mind. Plus I had so much to say to you earlier this week that there wasn’t room to update you. Last week I […]

It’s Officially The Last Week of Project Bad A$$

Welcome to Week 10 of Project Bad A$$! This is the final week and the last ab update for a while. I’ve managed to put on a bit of muscle since starting 2 1/2 months ago. I definitely look more defined than before. Funny, I weigh more now than at the beginning. Goes to show you […]

Turning Points, Gratitude and Giving Thanks

Welcome to week 9 of the ab progress pictures. I survived Halloween week and managed to drop some body fat in the process. Not bad if I do say so myself albeit more than a tad surprising. Hopefully in the next week and a half I can drop just a bit more. Goal day is […]