In A Zombie Apocalypse, You Just Have To Outrun The Slowest Person

Are you a perfectionist? I am in many areas of my life. I suppose it goes with being a Type A personality. Are any of us Type As not perfectionists? I’m not saying we are perfect but we sure do focus on getting there or often beating ourselves up when we fall short. The Kid […]

Better Than Walking And Chewing Gum

I’ve never mentioned this before because I didn’t want to brag, but I live in the Christmas Capital of Texas. Yes, that’s right. Be jealous. That’s how I roll. I’m completely kidding here. I just recently saw that on a flier at the town center. Who knew there was even an honor like this to […]

Thursday Thoughts – Should We Re-enact Biggest Loser At School?

It’s time for another Thursday Thoughts post. The Kid is taking athletics as an elective and that basically equates to the gym class of yore. (Ha, I never thought I’d use yore in a blog post.) An interesting situation came up and I’ve been thinking a lot about it. I keep jumping back and forth […]

Yesterday In A Nutshell

Yesterday was a crazy day! OK, yesterday was pretty much a typical day for me. I’ll give you a quick synopsis in pictures since I decided to document the adventure. It started out with a gift from the coffee gods in the form of Starbucks portable coffee that was left over from a meeting. What […]

Angry Birds Help You Serve Better

Thank goodness it’s Friday! We made it through the week at last. It’s been a busy week but hopefully there will be some free kitchen time this weekend because I have a recipe that I’m dying to try and share with you. Stayed tuned, it looks to be a good one. This week we had […]