Five Questions For A Cloudy Thursday

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latteI got the latest issue of O Magazine and they have a feature where they ask five of the article contributors the same five questions. I’ve only seen this in the last couple issues so I’m wondering if it’s new, but I thought it was pretty cool.

It got me thinking, and I decided to play along and give my own answers.

My best advice to my younger self…
Lighten up and don’t worry so much about what others think. No one will even remember what you did in 10 years. Just take a deep breath and give whatever it is a try… and try your best not to look silly, but it’s OK if you do.

The best part of getting older…
Having the money to explore new adventures without having to worry that I won’t be able to pay the real bills too. I can take a class, buy a groupon, go on a road trip, or just about any other fun thing without money worries. It also helps that I’m frugal too. It gives me the extra cushion to fund the activities.

I’m most looking forward to…
Getting my personal trainer and nutrition certifications so that I can help others reach their health and fitness goals. It will be nice to pay it forward and then some! Every time I think about it, I smile. That pretty much says it all.

I’d most like to learn how to…
Play the violin and learn to paint. I can paint pretty well but I have trouble envisioning what I want to paint. I can follow an example of another person’s work and change the colors, but I want to learn how to just paint on the fly based on what I feel and like. The violin would just be cool because no one else I know can do that.

My earliest happy memory is…
When my Mom and I took a road trip years and years ago. We drove from Virginia to New Orleans – just us. I remember getting handmade dolls in Georgia with bright colored outfits and crossing over a bayou. My mom told me to keep a watch out for logs floating in the water and said they were probably alligators. I don’t remember finding any logs though. 😉

Your turn. How would you answer these questions?

PS – The picture above reminds me that I’m way overdue for a Pearl Latte! Maybe this weekend. Do you take pictures of your coffee if they look pretty enough?

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