The Sign I’ve Been Waiting For?

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Is this the sign I've been waiting for?

As a follow up to last week’s Thursday Thoughts post, I have an interesting turn of events. After I finished my workout on Monday, I was chatting with my trainer and he brought up the fact that he is going on vacation starting tomorrow. He asked if I wanted him to set me up with one of the other trainers or if I wanted homework instead. Hmmm.

I figure it’s a sign. It’s time for me to take that homework and get myself into the gym. Alone, just me. This is the push that I need in order to get used to the idea. If I stick to the plan, I will have two complete gym lifting workouts to do before he gets back – chest/back and legs. I can do this. Easy peasy and it shouldn’t be difficult for a solo venture since I have workouts already.

I also found a yoga studio near my house that offers hot yoga. They have a great intro special of 10 days of unlimited classes for only $10! The only catch is that you have to do their Intro A and Intro B classes before you can take the others. That way you get initiated in a beginner setting to the studio, the type of class, class etiquette, and so on. The classes are on Saturday and Sunday during my training time so I was disappointed that I couldn’t do it.

Well looky there, another sign! I am suddenly free and can take the two intro classes. I’m so excited. My plan is falling into place. Since this went so smoothly without me even trying, I think I need to practice this Thursday Thoughts thing much more often.

Stay tuned for next week’s Thursday Thoughts topic… finding a rich, single, hot man who loves healthy eating and weight lifting and is willing to pay my training bill. 😉

What would you wish for if you could have anything you wanted?

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