Thursday Random Thoughts And Tutu Colors

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Tutu ColorsIt’s Thursday, so that means that you get to enjoy be subjected to another random topic posting by me. The Kid and I have picked out our tutu colors for the Firefly Run that we are doing at the end of this month. We are going with triple colored tutus since we rarely do anything ordinary at the Quest Household.

The Kid’s colors are on the bottom – chocolate, gold and turquoise. Mine are on the top – hot pink, lavender, and glitter white. We’re going to work on them sometime this weekend. I’ll keep you posted how they turn out. I’ve also got my eyes peeled for our April run options. We’re still looking for a 5k.

I’ve been busy this week trying out new recipes with my fruits and veggies from the produce co-op. Sadly after tomorrow I will be down to a couple sweet potatoes and a head of cabbage. I’ve managed to eat everything else that came in my half share. How scary is it that I eat about 10-11 pounds of fruits and veggies a week!  Me, just me.

The Kid had about a half pound of strawberries but the rest was all me. I guess there are worse habits to have than a fruit/veggie addiction. I’m upgrading to the full share next pickup. I decided to steam some of the cabbage, and use some leaves as wraps for my chicken. I also found a recipe for a cabbage soup that I need to try with the rest. I really liked the wraps with chicken and salsa. I may give it a shot with tuna too.

We’ve got an exciting adventure planned for Saturday afternoon. It’s something we’ve never done before and I’m really looking forward to a mini road trip to get there. I’m going to keep you in suspense as to what it is though. I will tell you that it’s going to be a blast and we’re using a Groupon to do it. Dying to know aren’t you? 😉 I guarantee you won’t guess what it is.

I’m really taking the Do Something Fun idea to heart. It definitely makes me happy and gets me excited. Have you tried that idea yet? Please take my advice and do! The Kid and I are making all kinds of lifetime memories!

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