Are You Ready To Be A Kid Again?

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Do we get old because we stop playing, or do we stop playing because we get old? This week I’ve been posting suggestions on Facebook on how to squeeze in a workout when you’re short on time. I’ve been seriously short on time this week. It’s also important to have fun with your workout. If it’s not fun, chances are you won’t do it. Or at least not for long.

Since many readers here have kids, you know it’s doubly hard to keep them entertained while we workout. If we leave them, then we feel guilty for not spending time with them. If we try to do something with them there, we suddenly get hundreds of questions that can’t possibly wait until after we are done working out. Mom, where’s my X. Mom, I can’t find the Y. Yes, I must have both right this instant and cannot possibly wait until you’re done with your workout.

Problem solved! With a playground workout, you get to act like a kid again while getting a workout. So no excuses for you non-parents. You can take your kids with you to the playground and they can either do it with you if they’re older or they can play while you workout. This workout kicked my butt too. It’s no walk in the park.

Be A Kid Again Workout

To make the exercises easier, use a lower bench or swing. To make them harder, you can do more reps or more rounds of each circuit. For an extreme challenge, try those lunges with your back foot on a swing. If you’ve got extra time or your kids aren’t done playing, take a few minutes to run around and have fun. Get on the teeter totter, slide the slide, ride those circus animals on the big springs.

Get creative with your workouts. You don’t always need a lot of time or equipment. Work with what you’ve got. You just might encourage other parents or kids to join you when they see what you’re doing.

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