Do You Wanna Be My Backup Dancer Or Play Air Guitar?

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sunny day in texas

A Gorgeous Day At Last!

Last week my friend Crystal over at Crystal & Co held her weekly post which offers up tips and resources on various topics. She graciously hit me up on twitter and let me know I could post a link to a fitness tip on my blog. I perused the possibilities and chose my post about working hard enough to make a change in your fitness level.

I chose that one in particular because it seems often that people think it’s easy and then get frustrated when change doesn’t just happen. It got me thinking though. Yes, it’s hard work but it’s so much fun if you just let it be fun.

There’s very few things that come close to the feeling I get when I kill a workout. Today I decided to give overhead lunges a try for the first time. This is where you haul the olympic bar over your head and lunge with it up there instead of resting on your shoulders. I was pretty convinced that I couldn’t do it and you should have seen the dancing when I did my first set and didn’t keel over.

Actually in most of my workouts I tend to suddenly bust a move at some point before it’s over. When a song with a good beat comes on at the gym, someone always looks my way in anticipation of the entertainment to follow. Why do I break out in sudden dances during my workouts?

Well sometimes you just have to dance and play the air guitar. But seriously, I also found that it keeps the calorie burn up while you’re resting and requires so little effort. You don’t even notice you’re burning calories while you’re dancing. Trust me on this one.

Now don’t get the idea that I’m some sort of dance super star. It’s a sight, lemme tell you. But laughing at myself is half the fun! The neighbors around here have gotten pretty used to my air guitaring and hand waving on my runs and if I can give them a good laugh to improve their evening all the better.

I promise I’ll never add the word “sane” to my resume. It definitely can’t be used to describe me, but neither are the words “dull” and “boring.” That’s just fine with me. So yes, working out is hard but it is one of the most fun things I can imagine doing.

Wanna come bust a move with me? I could always use a backup dancer/spotter.

PS – I had to include a picture from my warm up run today. Look at that gorgeous sky! It’s finally cooling off here in Texas. Plus you can see the new hair color (Excuse the messiness. I was running!). It’s pronounced harr if you’re from Tay Hoss. 😉

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