Are You Carrying Boulders On Your Shoulders?

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Have you been watching the Olympics? I love the gymnastics and track and field the most for some reason. The Kid and I were watching the male gymnasts on the rings the other night, and OMG the strength they have to look like they are laying down but in mid-air! All of them have huge bubble shoulders and biceps to do those moves.

Since it’s still summertime, shoulders are visible everywhere you go. Nice rounded shoulders are beautiful on men and women, but they are often hard to get given that many of us sit at a desk most of the day. Or behind the wheel of a car driving kids around. I’m betting that none of us spend time twirling on rings to build up our shoulders.

Here’s a tip, ladies. If you want to give the illusion of a smaller waist and hourglass figure, work hard on your shoulders to build them up. You won’t start looking like a football player. I promise. We don’t have those genetics on our side. Men, don’t think you can get away with ignoring your shoulders. You need a way to fill out your shirts too!

I did this shoulder workout the other day and afterwards I could barely lift my water bottle. It’s quick to do and doesn’t require multiple weights either. Do the 4 exercises below as one giant set without stopping and use the same weight for all of them. By the third time through, my shoulders were burning. By the last time, my shoulders hated me.

Boulder Shoulders

You can do Boulder Shoulders as a standalone workout once or twice a week on non-consecutive days. I’ve even done this with an exercise band in front of the TV in the evening. You could also include it at the end of your workout on chest day if you feel up to it.

You’ll be rocking that sundress or filling out your t-shirts before you know it! I can’t guarantee this will help you on the rings though. 😉


  1. Great workout!
    And you are so right! The thing about having a great-looking body is much more about proportions than mindless adding tons of muscle.

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