Half Step Backwards But Moving Forward Again

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Starting StrengthApparently my newly recovered body liked the workout vacation so much that it is now allergic to exercise. Yes, I’m half joking but half serious too. I finally got back in the gym Monday and was thrilled to be on the road to progress. There’s been a slight setback.

Due to all the sweating lately, my incisions are having some sort of allergic reaction/infection. Nothing that can’t be fixed or overcome. Mainly just a lot of what I fondly refer to as “Satan’s Itching.” OMG, you can’t imagine this level of itching. Nope… even worse.

A quick visit to el doctor yesterday afternoon and a prescription will get me back on track shortly. To celebrate the itching end in sight, I of course worked out. Stop shaking your head in dismay. 😉 Remember who’s blog you’re reading here. The garage gym is right here. How can I not use it?

I warmed up with a quick walk with Thing Two. He didn’t know what hit him with the pace we moved at and had a look of shock for most of the 2 miles. I followed with some light shoulder stretching and practice squats to warm specific muscle groups. Next up, my barbell strength workout.

It’s a 5X5 workout which is 5 sets of 5 reps for each workout. I knocked out barbell squats, bench presses, and rows for this one. I kept it light so that I didn’t sweat too much and also because I’m still just getting back to it again. I followed with a relaxing session of hot yoga to stretch things out and give myself a break. I really love yoga.

The Kid also ran her first cross country race yesterday afternoon! She had to run in shorts and a t-shirt in 40 degree weather after being outside for hours. She did great! I’m so proud of her for tackling every sport that comes her way.

Never in a million years would I have done that at her age. I’m also quite proud of myself for being such a good fitness influence on her. She’s my girl 100%!

Have you ever had a strange allergic reaction to sweating? What sports were you involved with in school or were you like me with your nose in a book?

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