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My Happy Face Before Yoga

Well last night was an adventure. If you’ve been following along, you know that I decided to officially join a yoga studio with the hopes of relaxing my muscles and using them in a way that complements my lifting. So far the classes that I’ve taken are what they call Fire classes.

It’s basically a form of power yoga done for 90 minutes in 100 degree heat. I really do like it and think that I see a difference in my muscle definition. It’s probably from the sweating and dehydration, but hey I’ll take it. 😉 I am a lot stiffer though than when I started and I brought this up to Trainer Man the other day.

In a “well duh” moment, he enlightened me that holding lunges and squat poses were going to do that and that I needed a relaxing yoga class. OK then, I decided to try another one of their class offerings called the Earth class. This one is done in a slightly cooler room – 90 degrees. Pretty much air conditioning compared to the other.

The class description had the words energetic, detoxifying, and exhilarating in it. In my mind, exhilarating = relaxing. It seriously does did. Do you see where this might be leading? This class was about as relaxing as trying to turn myself inside out through my left nostril.

I knew I was in trouble when the instructor announced immediately that we would need to focus on remembering to breathe (not our breath, but just remembering) and that we would have 60 minutes of continuous movement. Ugh. We bent, we balanced, we twisted for what seemed like eternities.

Now I’m pretty good at bending. I’m good at balancing. I’m good at twisting. Just not all three at the same time. You get one at a time with me. I’m single threaded, non-multitasking. If I need a webbed strap to yank my foot backwards over my head, I will not be relaxing. Nope.

I left class with everything shaking and looked to the instructor for confirmation that it would get easier. She said that it would around my 10th class of this type. Hmmm, we will see. There are a couple more class types that I’d like to take before trying this one again. I still have Metal and Water to attempt.

Tonight I am also starting a pole dance series. Never a dull moment here! I’ve taken one before at a different studio, but I purchased a groupon for another studio near here. I love giving various studios and gyms a try since they are all a little different. Some fit better than others. Kinda like yoga classes.

I’ll let you know tomorrow how it turns out. Got my high heels packed and ready to roll! Meanwhile I’m looking forward to Friday Night Dinner with The Kid.

Have you ever taken yoga? How about a pole class?


  1. I still have not made it to a regular yoga class yet….I need to do this before the end of the year.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      They say if you don’t like something exercise-wise then that means you should do more of it. Supposedly it means that you’re weak at it so that’s why you subliminally don’t like it. I assume at this point that I’m SO not good at yoga so I’m going to stick with it. It has loosened me up a little so I’m not quite as sore. Try it if you get a chance!

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