Naked Lockers and Early Mornings

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Yesterday was The Kid’s orientation for middle school and she is so excited she can barely contain herself. I dropped her off for a couple hours along with all the other 6th graders, and they had older volunteers that walk them through their class schedule, show them how to open their lockers, and other school-related must knows. When I picked her up, I was promptly informed that everyone in the entire school had already decorated their locker and we were woefully behind since we had not. She spent the rest of yesterday googling for locker themes and decoration ideas. Guess what we will be doing this weekend. I’m thankful that it’s tax free weekend.

I took off yesterday morning so that I could play chauffeur without having to worry about rushing to and from work in between. I had the best morning. I got up at the usual time and watched the news while leisurely drinking my coffee. I dropped The Kid off and came back and got my workout in before 10 am. I tried out One On One Cardio Intervals for the first time. I’ve noticed that I’ve been getting bored lately with my cardio and doing the same thing over and over. Since I’m typically tired when I get home from work, the bored-tired combination is bad news for the calorie burn. I’m glad that I decided to order a few new DVDs to give me something new to try out.

I was quite impressed with Cardio Intervals and loved trying out the new moves. This DVD is from Volume 2 and I think it is one of the first (if not the first) from that volume. They started the DVD by announcing some improvements to the workouts. One of them was a timer so that you know how long the workout is and how long you’ve got to go. Another was that they took the suggestions received and shortened the workouts a bit. I like it when they take user suggestions and improve on something. They are also going this route with submission contests for the current One on One volume. The plan is to use the winning moves in subsequent DVDs. Very nice touch.

If you’ve never tried a Tony Horton workout, I recommend giving one a shot. He typically uses some unique moves that you don’t find in too many other DVDs. I will warn you though that many of his moves require coordination and/or balance which lots of us lack. However, who cares if you topple over in your own home right? I just attempt to balance as best I can and pretend the rest of the time. A few of the moves were the Heismans, wacky tires, and high/low twists. Definitely not your usual, run of the mill grapevines, knee raises, and other cardio moves. The calorie burn was there too. The DVD was about 40 minutes with the warm up and cool down, and I managed to burn almost 500 calories. Booyah, goodbye boredom and hello calorie burn!

I’m also talking myself yet again into giving the morning workouts a try again. One huge benefit from getting it out of the way by 10 am was that I had the entire evening to myself. The only thing I had to do was walk the dog. It was nice to get that hour back in the evening. I’m not sure how long it will last (or even if it will start), but Monday I’m hoping to give the morning workout a try. I only have to do cardio on three work mornings. That’s it, three mornings to get up an hour early. I need to figure out a reward for that one. One gold star for every week I manage it!

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