Not All Buttercreams Are Created Equal

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Let's Eat CakeSaturdays are my usual leg day and it just so happened that the bootcamp I signed up for this month also meets Saturday mornings. Lucky me to get to experience two intense workouts back to back. I wasn’t quite sure that I could manage this, but I told myself it’s only for 4 weeks. Just do it!

I got up bright and early for bootcamp, and even planned ahead. Last night I packed everything that I would need, and made coffee and put it in the fridge. I figured I would need all the caffeination I could get and didn’t want to scald my tongue trying to pound it down on the way. Smart thinking, eh?

This time was land bootcamp and I was relieved to do the workout and not have to concentrate on not drowning. It was still quite tough and had me struggling through much of it. I’ve learned that I’m very good at the explosive movements like clapping push ups, but I have no muscle endurance. I poop out quickly if I have to do a single exercise for any length of time. Note to self, work on endurance at some point.

As soon as bootcamp ended, there was a mad dash to get to the gym for leg day. I took pity on fellow gym goers, and changed my shirt and re-deodorized on the way. It’s amazing what my magical gym bag holds. I secretly love leg day since that’s when I can lift the most weight and feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. I think squats are my most hated exercise though. Today was filled with quite a few variations – barbell squats, jump squats, squat presses.

To mark the event and celebrate a burn of 1150 calories in a single workout, I ate a small piece of cake. Not just any cake, but one decorated by The Kid in a decorating class that she took today at a local craft store. Perfect timing if I do say. Nothing tastes quite as sweet as a well earned piece of cake decorated by your child’s own hands. Not all buttercreams are created equal. Some are much better than others.

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