Ah The Elusive Number 13, Again

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ab avi 3As promised, here is the weekly progress picture on the six pack quest. It’s also my new twitter avi. If you’ve been following along, you know that yesterday was weigh and measure day with Trainer Man. I was aiming for lucky number 13 this week and was pretty much on track. Then suddenly I got sick. Bleh!

I don’t get sick often thankfully and it usually is pretty mild when I do. In fact, I think the last time I was sick was around this time last year. Unfortunately my nose got all stuffed up so I had to take decongestants to actually breathe. Decongestants usually cause me to retain water which impacted my weight and fat percentage. Sigh.

These things happen though and I’m not too worried about it. I know my eating and working out has been on track so the jump in weight over the last two days cannot possibly be  fat. I’m sure it will quickly drop back down once I stop taking the cold meds. I’m also taking today off from work and am just going to lay around and rest up.

I highly recommend taking progress pics if you are working towards a goal. It helps so much with the motivation when things like this happen. If you have pics, the movement of the scale doesn’t matter as much when you can see a difference in the way you look. (Or even if you can compare and see that it’s not worse!) The scale goes up and down, but the pics don’t lie.

I’m still about the same percentage as I was last week but some of the measurements dropped a bit. And yes, in case you are wondering I still worked out even though I was sick. It was more of a strain than usual and took effort but I got through it. I’m pretty sure at this point I’d have to be missing a limb to skip a workout. 😉

A little head cold wasn’t going to keep me away. If I had a fever or something more serious though, I would have swapped days. So once again, our fair heroine sets off on the adventure for the elusive number 13. Spurs in hand and looking for my white horse. Will next week be the week? Fingers crossed.

Do you still workout when you’re sick or do you take a day off?

PS – For all of you that have encouraged me and sent compliments on twitter, I am truly grateful. It keeps me motivated and on track more than you know and is very much appreciated. 🙂

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