On A Quest For My Missing Mojo

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Ab avi 6This past week or so I’ve been blah. Yes, blah. I’m stuck in limbo for right now since I’m not officially cutting and I’m not trying to build muscle. I’m just in this holding pattern called limbo. My motivation has been severely lacking which impacts my energy and hunger.

It’s time for the latest progress pic and my picture definitely reflects my lack of motivation. There are less defined abs and I feel much more “solid”. Don’t you love that term. I refuse to use the three letter F word that women always seems to use. So I’m solid. 😉 Even though my abs are solid, my arms are sure looking good and my biceps have arrived. I love my arms lately.

bicep progressI’m playing with my diet a bit again this week with moderate fats and a little higher carbs. The calories are going to be steady this week and then drop possibly the next three weeks. I have a planned three weeks off from working out starting on November 18th, so the calorie drop is to prepare for that.

Three weeks of no lifting, no cardio, and only walking… for the most part. To avoid a huge backslide during those weeks, I need to make sure that my eating is spot on and I’m motivated going in. Otherwise I’ll sit on the sofa, watching TV, and eating bon bons. Now that’s a pic you guys don’t want.

I’m working to get my motivation back this week! The weather has cooled into the 60s as of last night which makes for great outdoor workouts. I have crossfit tonight as well as graduation from beginner’s class on Thursday. Stay tuned for an update on my WOD time! There’s no reason to not be motivated, right? Rah, rah, rah!

Do you have cycles where your motivation lags? What do you do to get your mojo back?

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