Treadmill Pyramid To Kick Your Butt

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Do you have access to a treadmill? I do now that I’ve become a regular gym goer. It’s actually kinda nice to stroll, jog and sprint inside instead of outside on occasion. It will be even nicer when the weather turns 110 degrees here this summer. Ahhh the miracle of air conditioning.

The other day I wanted to squeeze in a quick cardio session on the treadmill but I wasn’t quite feeling it at that moment. If I’m not feeling it, every minute seems like forever and I become a clock watcher. I hate that. I came up with a great workout that turned out to be a pretty nice calorie burner and it kept me entertained.

The workout only takes about a half hour which is the best part. It’s also quite deceiving at first as to the effort required to do this. I ended up burning just over 300 calories and all I did was walk! Plus because I had something to do every minute, I didn’t get bored. 😉

Start with a 0% incline and a nice quick walking pace. You don’t want it to be at a stroll but you don’t want to be gasping for air either. I started at 4 mph. Stay at this speed for a 3 minute warm-up. At the 3 minute mark, increase the incline to 1% and walk for 1 minute. Every minute increase the incline 1% until you get to 12% incline.

Don’t decrease the speed unless you absolutely have to, but be safe obviously. You don’t want to trip and fly off the back. I had to drop to 3.8 mph at 6% incline but stayed at that speed the remainder of the workout. After you do your minute at 12%, decrease the incline 1% each minute until you reach 0% again and cool down for 3 minutes.

There was some serious huffing and puffing going on by the time I hit 10% incline. I plan to work this in once a week or so for my cardio. Do you have a treadmill workout that you love? I’m always looking for new ideas.

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