Two Workouts Call For Two Shirts

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Two Shirts

Two Workouts Call For Two Shirts

Phew! It’s just after 1 pm here and I’ve already accomplished a ton. The alarm rang bright and early this morning since I had my second crossfit fundamentals class. I’m really glad they make you take this class since it’s giving me a chance to perfect my form before being thrown into a real class.

Crossfit is very different from what I’ve been used to in lifting. I’ve been doing slow, controlled deadlifts, squats, overhead presses, and so on. Since the majority of crossfit WODs are done for time, you have to do these same movements quickly. The fundamentals class is helping me to get my form correct before having to blast through at breakneck speed. Always a plus. 😉

So just before 8 am (on a Saturday), I rolled in for my fundamentals class. I got to use the rowing machine for the first time. I really liked it and wish I had one here at home. We reviewed the stuff that we learned at the last class and then moved on to deadlifts, lunges, pull ups and thrusters. Yes, my pull ups are in serious need of work. I am a girl after all.

Today’s WOD was 3 rounds of a 200 m run, 30 feet of walking lunges, 10 pull ups from a box, and 10 thrusters. They didn’t time us today. The coach said they usually only time the first and last WOD of the class so you could see improvement. I guess they don’t do the in between ones so that you don’t realize it if you suck and quit early. I think I represented well though.

After the WOD, I quickly choked down my delicioso almond butter truffle. That’s my name for almond butter mixed with unsweetened cocoa and coconut. It actually rolls into a ball, just like a truffle and tastes amazingly good. I could seriously go for another one now. Sorry, I digress at the memory.

Quick shirt change, and a 15 minute drive. Next up was leg day with Trainer Man. Yes, two workouts, one day. On a Saturday. I’m not quite sure where the energy came from. I even had an extra long warm up before the workout to kill some time. I managed to deadlift 145 lbs which was close to my best. I leg pressed 440 lbs which was a PR.

I also did step ups with a barbell for the first time ever. I usually stick with dumbbells since I have no coordination. Having a bar on your shoulders throws off your balance a bit. The last time Trainer Man suggested using a barbell, I flat out refused. Today I complained prior to it, but it turned out that it wasn’t that hard. I managed a 70 lb barbell. All this progress is pretty exciting.

QT CoffeeThankfully there was a QT on the way home with a bountiful coffee supply for me. The Kid and I are going to see Real Steel today since it’s a cloudy afternoon. Hoping for rain here but it doesn’t look like any will fall. Just the dreary clouds.

How is your day going? Anything epic happening? Happy Saturday and enjoy the weekend!



  1. Crossfit sounds like so much fun. A girl I work with wants me to go with her. It’s another item for the bucket list.

    • Accidental Fitness Quest says

      Seriously, do it do it! I never dreamed it would be this much fun. It’s a contest every class to out do yourself from the time before. I’m having a blast. Most places have a free intro class on the weekend. Maybe you can try that. I highly recommend it at least once.

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